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Monday, April 15, 2013

Line 1437, umm... Closer to Heaven?

Yeah that was a terrible headline. Anyways, today line 1437 (RC573), which may or may not have a customer, had her first flight. She is not an Atlas frame by the way, in spite of the paint on the rudder. Atlas rejected her a long time ago for being too chubby.

Blah blah blah sitting around two years finally in the air. You know the drill. My pics were terrible, one of her landing, the rest were taxi tests afterwards.

Here she was in darker times... (with line 1433, another frame, just about done with refurb, that should fly sometime soon):

Two long dormant frames have first flights in two days. That's pretty cool. Maybe line 1432 will go up tomorrow for a trifecta. Sad thing is a lack of decent pictures of either of these frames getting up in the air. All the spotters seem caught off guard. Sunday and Monday are usually dead at KPAE. Oh, nevermind, Matt Cawby came through today.


  1. Not to heaven, but closer to desert. RC573 will be ferried to Marana on 16th May.

  2. Yeah I saw that. Hope she isn't destined to be line 1416's little sister.