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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Donald Threatens to Cancel 747-8 Order

President Elect Trump tweeted out a warning to Boeing about the cost of the new Air Force One in development. The most interesting thing about this is confirmation that the order is back down to two 747-8s.


  1. What kind of stuff are they trying to pack in to them anyway? I mean that's 4 billion, do you know how many frames an airline could buy with that money and not just 747's either. Is it a military requirement to have an enormous bill as well? The Donald does have a moot point, 1 Program to produce 2-3 frames at that collective pricetag is a bit much like.

    Pencil and calculator time, of course.

  2. I've heard a rumor that BA may have bought a RR powered 748I. I can't vouch for it or determine its authenticity, but if true it is pointing to controversy. Namely that GE exclusivity is killing the 747. Is this true?

    Why can't any engine other than the GE only exclusive engine be selected? Why not offer one and worry about the details later?

    Is it necessary to have pre-requisites such as firm commitments before doing so? Is that a sensible and logical position because everybody assumes so? Certainly it is the most secure position, but what is that worth if nobody wants to talk because BCA shows up Wearing a suit of armor and clodumbles along in a Tank.

    It may be too late to offer BA such an option, however it will certainly be so if there are no other engine options available.