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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Line 1416, LX-ECV

How quickly a year flies by, and how fast those hours add up! Just over a year ago, after a stillbirth and over four years of desert storage with barely twenty hours on the clock, line 1416 entered into service with Cargolux as LX-ECV, . She's doing much better now, traveling the world, but mostly focusing on Europe to South America and back. Cargolux keeps her busy too. It's truly a happy ending (so far) for this formerly neglected frame.

Could she be the last 744 in service one day? Will she ever receive a full livery? We shall see!


  1. RC671 painted in all white livery - probably next one destined for Marana.

  2. New RFP for CA, possible 748i buy.


      Subscription required. What's it say?

    2. The RFP has entered the second round of discussions. Also it has been revised downwards to 27 a/c. Models are 747-8, 737-800, A330-300, A320, 737, A330. The last 3 might be in contention, a possible 737Max/A320Neo faceoff, and a possibility for CA to buy the A330Neo. However having never read the article this is what I could piece together looking at the article stub. Also CA are looking for financing here meaning some portion of that RFP is technically acceptable, but which one is anybody's guess.

    3. In other news, here is FG performance review for the 788.|Facebook|Flightglobal|sf5814849&CMPID=sf5814849

  3. RAM RFP for VLA's 748i / A388 as well if you've not seen that one. Also confirmed that 1 ex S'way frame to OZ.: MSN 60118 somewhere on atdb.