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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Line 1416 in service

Line 1416 LX-ECV for Cargolux got a little bit more livery added to her, with the company emblem painted on her tail. She's been in service for eight months already. How long will she fly? I would say it's either:
  • another 9 months, if she's due a D check at the six year mark
  • another 5 years, if the D check time frame is put on hold while properly stored
  • either of the above plus 6, 12, or 18 years, due to D checks being every 6 years for 747-400s.
So I'm hoping for another 23 years, personally.

From Planespotters


  1. On Thursday, Boeing released a whole bunch of rendered images featuring Air China 747-8Is.

  2. Boeing seems to think they may get enough sales shortly to bring production back up to 1.75/month by 2016