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Sunday, February 2, 2014

D-ABYM First Flight, Seahawks First Superbowl Win

Line 1494 (RC032) D-ABYM for Lufthansa went up on a first flight today. Also, line 1492 (RC031) D-ABYL for Lufthansa should deliver really soon.

And the Seattle Seahawks won their first Super Bowl against the Denver Broncos. Yup, I'm calling it. It must have been due to that lucky 747-8F line 1437 (RC573). Congratulations to all the fans on the 747 assembly line.

Somebody buy that lucky frame!


  1. How much for that Line No.?
    Is 12 bucks enough?

    Only as a heirloom though ;)

    Congrats on the win.

    1. Don't mistake, I'm indifferent. The only thing in Seattle I'm a big fan of are the jets :)

  2. Oh I see, so in that case, the price can come down Lower, maybe 8 bucks :D

    Jokes aside, of course, there appears to be a tender due this month, for Transaero. Its an expansion of their order, and could be 4 frames or more or maybe nil.

    Link supplied by Mario, but a re-read of this seems to be pointing somewhere.

    Lets see what happens of course. ;)

  3. RC548 finally in paint hangar: