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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Minor update (and 744 line 1416)

Line 1465 for Cargolux is out of final assembly, unpainted on the flightline.

Line 1462 for Atlas has been on a couple test flights this week and should be approaching delivery really soon.

My new curiosity is a late model 747-400: line 1416. Apparently it, along with line 1419 (the last 747-400 to come off the assembly line), were originally intended for LoadAir Cargo in 2009, but both were not taken up due to LoadAir folding. They were then stored at a desert air park in New Mexico for a couple years. Line 1419 was put into service at the end of last year with Kalitta Air, happily, but line 1416 still sits without a home, virtually brand new. If any of the few people who read this blog have any updates on this frame, please share! I hate unused airframes.

As a possibly interesting diversion to the lack of real news, I reverted a version of the chart to where it was when I started it, back in May or June, only modified to match the newer format. It's kind of nice to be able to see the progress.

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