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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Another B1

Line 1430 (RC601) VQ-BGZ, destined for AirBridgeCargo, lifted into the air for the first time today. Another older airframe that had been sitting around for quite some time (a year or two?), getting ready for service. Makes you so proud to see 'em growin' up and movin' out, doesn't it? Here's the plane a month earlier undergoing refurb.

Boeing seems to be continuing tests flights on GEnx based frames without delay, which gives hope that the problem with them will not be a show stopper.


  1. Like the blog. Some corrections and a rhetorical question:

    First, a correction: One of the early Cathay -Fs is doing being refurbished two stalls down from LN 1429. This should be B-LJD, as a recent picture had B-LJC still in storage.

    Speaking of LN 1429, it's obviously being refurbished but for whom?

    LN 1434 should be in dark green, as has completed refurb work, and is now being repainted.

    LN 1456 for Lufthansa has apparently slipped to an October delivery.