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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Pakistan International Airlines Rumored to be Buying Five 747-8Is

There's a credible rumor going around that PIA is looking at five 747-8Is, but this could actually be a sign of bad news for the 747-8I. One version of the rumor is that Korean Airlines has delayed or cancelled five of their ten ordered 747-8Is, which turns a potential PIA order into more of a scramble to place unwanted 747-8Is. Korean Air already has seven of their ten frames in various stages of construction (one is painted and looks complete, one is getting seats installed and should be painted soon, two are in final assembly, and three are in early stages of assembly).



  1. Have you heard anything other than the one comment on anet that states that it may be trying to place 5 deferred KE frames? On one hand, I can see it as I don't know if KE really wanted all of their frames delivered as early as Boeing has them scheduled. It is possible that Boeing is trying to re-align the last 5 KE frames to a delivery date more in line with what KE is looking for anyway, that would avoid them having to build the frames and perhaps keep them around in storage for a while like their first two have been.

    1. No, it's just that source and my speculation from the rumor. It "sounds realistic" to me. Naturally I'm hoping the rumor goes well and it's five fresh frames for PIA.

    2. Well, it wouldn't be a cancel for KE I'm sure. I recall that they were looking to take their 10 frames from 2015 to 2017, so it may be that some of the last half (6-10) which Boeing has scheduled to start assembly late this year and early next they would simply move those slots to later dates and that would free up those then for PIA. They are already Intercontinentals in the supply line, the only issue would be cabin specific items.

      Either way, if this comes to pass, it would be a new order I feel.

  2. Not good signs for the VLA market in General either. Airbus have not sold any A380's this year.

    A while back there was some discussion on anet about KLM taking a Combi version of the 748. That didn't go anywhere and now this.

    Are twin engines really that good? I've heard a lot of complaints from frequent fliers about how flying in a passenger plane today is rated among one of their most hated experiences. The added security makes it worse, and smaller planes with smaller seats don't help either.

    Then there is EK. It looks like everybody flies EK, because of their connections and the Euro and US majors are ten steps behind. Except that EK isn't a very good airline either. Their stuff is dated. Their service is not the best, and some of their planes should fly to the scrapheap. I Have No doubt that they too didn't believe it would be this good.

    So what is going on here?

    This is a fundamental shift away from the traditional way that Airlines do business. At the forefront is the twin jet, smaller than the 'gas guzzlin' jumbo;s and less comfortable, but profitable, very profitable. The Airlines only want your Money, and don't care if your seat is atop a crucifix.

    Welcome to 'new' age.

    1. I think the issue of smaller aeroplanes is a red herring. It is possible to fit a twin with a spacious interior, just as it is possible to fit a quad with a cramped one (witness the domestic 747s of old in Japan, or Corsair's 747s in France). The move to twin jets and the move to more dense cabin layouts are not cause and effect, but rather two parallel processes, that have at heart a desire to make the airline business more sustainable (both economically and environmentally).

  3. Yeah, I only said that because there are no 2 engine 747's flying. I despise the A330. It was a good plane until they crammpedd all those seats in. And now the 777 as well? Blame it on the Airlines, they deserve it. They made money from useless fees that pax have to pay, and regard us Self loading freight as a party that is buying a commodity. With this attitude it is no wonder EK is making a killing. Because OUR own Nationally Syndicated Product is that Bad.

    Now lets go start a subsidiary to compete with ourselves, and sell out to the REAL competition for the lowest possible price. At least the US and Euro majors are sticking to their corner, unlike some whose names I will not mention.

    Also I don't see any airlines flying their 748i (or A380's) at their maximum densities either. Just trying to make a point that's all.

  4. A7-HBJ delivered to customer yesterday! Delivery flight BSL-DOH: