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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Time Machine

Today Lufthansa's Line 1513 RC039 D-ABYT went up for a B1 in all of her retro glory. Line 1512 RC038 D-ABYS also went on a customer flight, and should deliver in the next week or so.

Photo by Royal S King


  1. I gave birth to post about pretty nasty overdue first flight of 787. Line number 11, 5 years 1 month old:

    1. You are the undisputed master of "overdue" posts, and I bow down before thee... :) Great pics you dug up there! Maybe you should guest post on here when line 1435 or 1437 deliver...

    2. Maybe? :>
      I digged up much more in fact, but that was to much for one post :D
      It's pretty shame, that most of Matt Cawby's photos at his blog are gone, many good pics with early frames in various locations around PAE just simply disappeared.

    3. He probably has a crazy photo hoard he keeps to himself. He spends the day at the airport, but then will only post three or four pictures... the guy must have tens of thousands of them he never shares.

    4. Of course. But if he doesn't share them, so for others these pictures just simply don't exist.