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Monday, September 15, 2014

It Came From the Desert, Part n

Line 1485 (RC526) JA16KZ for Nippon Cargo Airline returned from banishment to the desert today. It looks like NCA is making moves to accommodate their new frames and transfer over to a 747-8F majority fleet. Last year they returned 747-400 JA02KZ to its lessor (who just happened to sell it to Kalitta recently), and now they've unloaded JA01KZ and JA03KZ as well.

Those are some young 747-400s, and it looks like these aren't Boeing gifted trade in deals, being lease returns. I don't know the exact numbers, but I wouldn't be surprised if there are stiff penalties for returning a new 747 after eight years (or even worse, selling it if they own it, as market value on 747-400s has plummeted). So it's obvious that the 747-8 really kicks a 747-400's ass enough to make these moves desirable. Line 1485 will probably deliver after line 1489, but before 1487. And remember, NCA still has six more frames on order which have yet to even be allocated in the production list.


  1. According to FG, Boeing & GE are close to fixing the Ice crystal issue.

    1. Yeah I saw that. I wonder how the fuel burn miss relates to the 748, where GE was saying they met the target with the latest PIP.

    2. Probably classified insider info that only a few people know, but if what they are saying is true about no more PIP's it might be the cue to look for a better engine. Hey, the GP7200 series isn't doing to hot , plus with the only customer being Airbus, might be a good idea to go digging there for another engine, Add PW GTF's or Trent XWB's, also, but if their going to squeeze more out of her, they need to look for better engines if GE isn't going to give them what they want. Plus new customer to take the engine/frame combo, and do all this before the end of 2016.

  2. RC564 first flight:

  3. RC066 delivered. Trainging flight do KMWH with Air China code: