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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Delivery Dearth (but...)

Well so far it's June, almost halfway through the year, and we have 5 deliveries of 747-8s, which makes even 1.5 frames manufactured a month seem high. This time last year we had about 11 deliveries. It seems nobody but Lufthansa wants their jumbos. NCA's two seem destined to join their sister in the desert, SilkWay's and Cargolux's have languished for months, and nobody seems sure who lines 1501 and 1502 are even meant for.

But today Silkway's line 1493 (RC641) 4K-SW881 went for a C1 flight. Does this mean she'll deliver soon? Or is it a fake out and will she go into storage. Stay tuned... In the meanwhile, Lufthansa should take delivery of line 1500 (RC035) D-ABYP this month. I'm hoping they make an event out of it.

You know who

And here are some great pictures of the 747 FAL just recently taken.


  1. Potential OZ order for freighters.

  2. A 747-8 purchase for ICBC Financial Leasing would be good, as they try to place it with Asiana. Hopefully they will end up ordering more, potentially even Intercontinentals, to place with airlines. That region should require a lot of re-fleeting in the near term.

    Regarding 1493, either she or her sister is to deliver soon, and the other towards the end of the year. The delay is apparently due to financing. The photographer's remarks at the URL below mention this.

  3. Also in the news, CI looks to retire 744's, this year, possibility of an RFP from CI, but that depends on their needs and whether the 748 is on that list in one form or another.

  4. The LufthansaFlyer blog snapped some great pictures of D-ABYP, and also details the following:

    "Lufthansa will take delivery of D-ABYP next Saturday, June 28 after a few ceremonies marking the special event."

    I wonder what they have scheduled. Perhaps it will coincide with some nice announcements for the program!

    1. Yeah I just mentioned that possibility in a new post :)