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Saturday, April 26, 2014

787 VT-ANC first flight

Not a 747, but the last backlog 787 with its original customer, this is a takeoff roll of line 28 VT-ANC's first flight, after about four years since rolling out of the factory. This is the frame that had major structural damage from an exploding hydraulic line while under rework in the EMC. Click "Read more" below to see the whole stream.


  1. And my version of this early frame's story:

    1. nice pics. so 3 1/2 years since rollout approximately. I was just telling uresh how the earlier terrible teens will be at least 6 years old before (and if) they have their first flights.

    2. LN10 and LN11 were moved out from main FAL in November/December 2009, but they spent 2 or 3 months in 40-24 before being rolled out to flightline.
      LN11 should fly later this year, maybe before 5th birthday. LN10 can easily hit 6 years before it's first flight. Boeing delayed re-work od all early frames due to problems with traveled work this winter and inside bays are occupied by 3 787-9 and one KC46A tanker. And there is lack of customers for most of these frames. Only LN11 is still undergoing re-work.