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Friday, March 29, 2013

"March"ing deliveries

Six frames delivered in March.

1.) Line 1420 (RC501) LX-VCA Cargolux #7 on the 8th (747-8 "line 1")
2.) Line 1470 (RC026) D-ABYG Lufthansa #5 on the 13th
3.) Line 1429 (RC571) HZ-AI3 Saudi Arabian Cargo #1 on the 23rd
4.) Line 1472 (RC027) D-ABYH Lufthansa #6 on the 27th
5.) Line 1474 (RC547) HL7617 Korean Air Cargo #3 on the 28th
6.) Line 1471 (RC581) N854GT Atlas #8 also on the 28th, delivery flight pending.

That's some good business, and a lot of freed up space on the KPAE tarmac (which was getting very crowded with 787s and 747s). That's also a total of 46 747-8s delivered now. Here's a couple great pictures of line 1472's delivery flight (thanks to Matt Cawby).

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